Audition Paperwork

Please enter undecided if it has not been selected.
Costuming - For this seasons' Beauty and the Beast, at least two costumes are required for every casted ensemble student. Leads may be only given one character depending on their number of songs, quantity of scenes, and if they are double casted with another student (meaning two Belle's or two Lumiere's). These costume price ranges can be anywhere between $150-$300 each. The average being $150.00. Please mark one of the following preferences. Please note payment plan options are available on the next section. Please select one.(Required)
Costuming Payment Plan - Every season we allow costume payment plans to help our families make the fabulous CSA costumes affordable. Beauty and the Beast will be one of our best costume seasons ever. We are however, offering a 10% discount if you pay in full at the start of the season. This is so we can get a jump start on many of the intricate pieces. Please select one.(Required)
Participation Contract - After casting occurs it is required for students to remain enrolled through the remainder of the season. Should a student drop from musical theater for any reason, post casting, a $250.00 drop fee will be automatically charged to the card on file.(Required)
Season Fees - Please see the description field below for a list of all season fees.(Required)
At time of registration: Registration fee $85.00
Costume Payments: Begin within 3 days after casting. Total dependent on casting.
Tuition: Tuition is billed at the 1st business day of every month.
Performance Fee: $45 per student one month prior to the musical.