Ballroom Registrations

We’re excited to have you join ballroom at Center Stage Academy! Please review the following important items as you begin.


  • Registration costs for ballroom are annual. We also do our best to use similar uniforms from year to year to help keep costs down. Tuition is processed monthly and will begin when your student begins class. Visit our pricing page for details on registration and tuition. This form will also confirm those amounts as you choose your student’s classes. Registration dues will be collected at the completion of this form along with any practice-wear you decide to order through Center Stage Academy.
  • New students must purchase a performance uniform. Prices vary between $50 and $150, based on the students program. Financing options are available upon request. Please coordinate the timing for the uniform with the ballroom director.
  • There is a $5 monthly tuition discount automatically applied for families that register multiple siblings and also for students that take multiple classes. For example, two siblings each taking two classes will be granted $15 in monthly tuition discounts ($5 multi class (student 1) + $5 multi-class (student 2) + $5 multi-student (student 2)).

Auto Pay

  • You will be automatically enrolled in auto-pay for the monthly tuition. We do not offer an option to pay by cash or check.


  • Whenever possible, you should use your mouse or tab key to navigate this form. Try to avoid using the enter key on your keyboard.
  • The registration process will take approximately 10 minutes.

Please contact us if you have any problems with the registration process.