Meet Our Staff

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Kimberlie studied music at Utah State University and has been a music educator for the past 25 years, teaching piano, musical theater and leading choirs for the young and old. She is a classically trained singer, but her real love lies in Broadway. She is passionate about music and has been disappointed with the lack of priority that it has been given in our public schools. Kimberlie focuses on the positive and life changing affects of music. Starting the Center Stage Academy of the Arts is the realization of a long held dream of hers to offer every child in the community a chance at being a part of something very special. She believes that any music program must start with education. “Not only are we teaching proper singing and acting techniques, but we are also learning to read music as an important part of their education,” says Kimberlie. She believes in teaching with passion, love, and loads of positive reinforcement.

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Marcus Arbizu began his musical background as the son of an international operatic tenor. He grew up around singing and performing as his first stage experience was at the age of 10. He has since performed in 43 different operas in six different languages. He sang the lead tenor role in 15 of those operas. In 1992, he secured a solo contract with the Frankfurt City Opera in Germany where he performed until summer of 1995.

Marcus has a BM in vocal performance from the University of Arizona. He completed a MM program in vocal performance at Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. He has also been gracious enough to pass on his musical talent through private vocal instruction since 1984.

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Bradley has over 20 years of leadership experience within high tech industries, six of which as a business owner. He manages the operational and technical needs of the academy such as light and sound, web design, props, facilities, and safety. Bradley is also a student of music. He has studied voice under Marcus Arbizu for the past seven years and has become a strong tenor under his tutelage. Music has been a big part of Bradley’s life from an early age. He learned to play the trumpet in his youth and has since been privileged to play in award winning performances and most recently, a brass quintet.

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