Center Stage Academy

Show Choir

Registration is open for 2022-2023


The Center Stage Academy Show Stoppers is a show choir that learns singing and dancing for group and solo work. They also learn to read music and sing harmonies as they perform around the community. The Show Stoppers are always on the move as they dance to basic jazz choreography while they sing. They also produce music videos!


About the program

Showstoppers Jr.

Our Showstoppers Jr. show choir is a fantastic performing group for ages 7-11 years old. They learn and perform lots of different 

About The ProgramShowstoppers Sr.

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7-11 years Showstoppers Jr.

12-17 years Showstoppers Sr.


The Show Stoppers meet at our new studio at 2335 S Lindsay Rd, Suite 102, Gilbert, AZ 85295. The cross streets are Lindsay and Williams Field.


Thursdays 4:30 – 6:30 PM



Time Commitment:

Time Commitment – Weekly 2 Hour Classes + at home practicing.