Wizard and I

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Audio Instrumental


SONG: The Wizard and I: OZIANS


Did that really just happen?

Has she actually understood?

This weird quirk she has

To suppress or hide…

Is a talent? That could

Help defeat the wizard.

If I plan this well…

I will plan this well…

I can teach her…

All she needs to know

I can help her talents

Her magic will start to… to grow!

All: And with all his wizard “wisdom”

By her power, he’ll be blinded…

For yes… the wizard is dumb!

And like munchkins… so small minded!

This girl could be so important to Oz

To vanquish him once and for all

And that’s what we will do

The wizard will fall.

Once she’s with the wizard…

All of Oz will changeCause once she’s with the wizard

She’ll be in firing range.

Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion

No more stealing magic objects

No more planning his worldly reign


He’ll stop punishing those I love

Finally give the scarecrow his brain…

And I see a vision

All: A happy ending to OZ

I feel it drawing nigh

When we are hand in hand

Elphaba: June and I

June: (walking home behind her mother)

I’m Limited

I wish I could be.. unlimited

Though something is happening

I don’t quite yet understand…

I think – I should just conceal it…

Try best not to feel it…

Cause I swear there’s somethings weird

With my….. AHHH!!