Our Programs

Welcome to Sparks, where the magic of musical theater ignites the creative spark in young performers aged 3-6! Sparks is a unique program designed for our littlest stars who love to sing, dance, and explore the enchanting world of musical theater. With a focus on learning tap and jazz techniques, our young students not only perform in Jr. musicals but also dazzle in community events throughout the season! Join us for a season of joy, learning, and delightful performances!

Program Highlights:

  • Early Introduction to Theater: Sparks is tailored for children aged 3-4 & 5-6, providing a gentle and fun introduction to the world of musical theater.
  • Tap and Jazz Exploration: Young students have the opportunity to study tap and jazz techniques, fostering a foundation for their journey in dance and performance.
  • Jr. Musicals: Our little performers take the stage in Jr. musicals, showcasing their newfound skills and love for the spotlight.
  • Community Engagements: Sparks students participate in multiple community events, spreading the joy of song and dance to a wider audience.

Season Activities:

  • Jr. Musicals: May 20th-May25th
  • Community Performances: Engage in various community events to share the magic of Sparks.

Upcoming Season Details:

  • Start Date: Weed of February 5th

Enroll your little one in Sparks for a season of fun, learning, and the joy of creating magical moments on stage!


Step into the magical world of Theatricks, where young performers aged 11-14 embark on an extraordinary journey through the captivating realm of musical theater! In Theatricks, we believe in fostering creativity, inclusivity, and the joy of theatrical expression. Join us for a theatrical adventure where every child experiences the full spectrum of a musical, from auditions to the dazzling showtime!

Program Highlights:

  • No-Cut Philosophy: Theatricks is a no-cut program, embracing every child, regardless of experience or audition outcomes, in the enchanting world of musical theater.
  • Comprehensive Experience: Participants undergo auditions, rehearsals, costuming, dress rehearsals, and the exhilarating grand finale on stage, providing a holistic understanding of the production process.
  • Expert Coaching: Our program offers exceptional coaching and technique, nurturing the skills and talents of each aspiring performer.
  • Spectacular Productions: Witness the awe-inspiring productions crafted by our talented young cast every season.

This Season: Anastasia – The Musical Youth Edition Get ready for an unforgettable season as Theatricks presents “Anastasia – The Musical Youth Edition”! Our young stars are set to deliver a breathtaking performance, bringing this beloved musical to life with passion and flair.

Upcoming Season Details:

  • Start Date: Week of February 5th
  • Rehearsal Schedule: Several weekly options are available.
  • Performance Date: May 20th-May25th
  • Registration Cut Off: February 23 2024

Join Theatricks for a transformative experience where creativity knows no bounds, and every child is a star in their own right!

Introducing Draminis, where young stars shine bright on the musical theater stage! Our program is designed for children ages 7-8 who are passionate about performing arts. In Draminis, every child is cast in a role, whether it’s a lead part or a delightful singing solo.

Program Highlights:

  • Inclusive Casting: Every child gets a chance to be a star, fostering confidence and teamwork.
  • Full Musical Experience: From auditions to the final curtain call, participants learn and perform an entire Jr. musical.
  • Adorable Performances: Witness the charm and talent of our young performers as they bring the stage to life.
  • Spotlight Moments: Embracing the spotlight, children not only entertain but also learn valuable life skills.

This Season: Annie Jr.
Get ready for an exciting journey as our young talents take on the classic musical “Annie Jr.”! From heartwarming moments to toe-tapping tunes, our little stars will captivate audiences with their endearing performances.

Upcoming Season Details:

  • Start Date: Week of February 5th
  • Rehearsal Schedule: Mondays 4:30-6:00pm
  • Performance Dates: May 20th-May25th
  • Registration Cut Off: February 23 2024
  • Enroll your child in Draminis and watch them blossom into confident performers with a love for the arts. Unleash the magic of musical theater with us!

Welcome to Bravo, where the spotlight meets excellence in musical theater education for youth aged 12-18! Bravo is not just a program; it’s an immersive experience where aspiring young talents delve into the world of Broadway. Through auditions, training, and rehearsals, participants evolve into seasoned performers, creating a breathtaking full-length Broadway musical every season.

Program Features:

  • Audition Only, All-Inclusive: Bravo operates on auditions, ensuring a dedicated and passionate group. Once accepted, every participant is cast, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment.
  • Comprehensive Training: Participants undergo intensive training, including audition techniques, vocal coaching, acting instruction, and rehearsal content, providing a well-rounded education in musical theater.
  • Showtime Excellence: Witness the culmination of dedication and talent as Bravo consistently delivers exceptional full-length Broadway productions.

eThis Season: Anastasia – The Musical
Get ready for a spectacular journey as Bravo takes on “Anastasia – The Musical”! Our talented youth are gearing up to bring this enchanting story to life with passion, skill, and the flair that defines Bravo productions.

Upcoming Season Details:

  • Audition Date: Accepting entry auditions now. Please email CS@centerstage.academy to schedule yours.
  • Casting audition dates are February 16th-17th
  • Start Date: February 9th 2024
  • Performance Date: May 27th-June 1

Join Bravo for an unparalleled musical theater experience, where dreams take center stage, and every participant shines in the spotlight!

Welcome to Dramatics, where the spotlight awaits aspiring young performers aged 9-11! In this musical theater program, we believe in the power of inclusivity and the transformative magic of the stage. Dramatics offers a unique journey through the full life cycle of a musical, ensuring that every child experiences the thrill of auditions, rehearsals, costuming, and the grand finale on show day!

Program Highlights:

  • No-Cut Policy: Dramatics is an inclusive space where every child, regardless of experience or audition results, is an integral part of the production.
  • Comprehensive Experience: From auditions to showtime, participants delve into the entire Jr. musical process, gaining valuable insights into the world of theater.
  • Technique and Skills: Our program focuses on developing incredible technique and skills, nurturing the potential of each young artist.
  • Team Building: Through collaboration, teamwork, and mentorship, children build lasting connections with their fellow performers.

This Season: Annie Jr.
Excitement is building as Dramatics prepares to present “Annie Jr.”! With its heartwarming story and iconic tunes, our young talents are gearing up for a spectacular showcase of their skills and passion for the stage.

Upcoming Season Details:

  • Start Date: Week of February 5th
  • Rehearsal Schedule: Several weekly options are available.
  • Performance Date: May 20th-May25th
  • Registration Cut Off: February 23 2024

Join Dramatics for an unforgettable journey into the world of musical theater. Let your child’s creativity shine as they learn, grow, and take center stage!

Welcome to Encore, where the stage is set for adults (ages 18+) to enrich their passion for musical theater! Encore is more than a community program; it’s a vibrant space where adults come together to study, rehearse, and showcase their talents in a full-length Broadway musical. With casting auditions on February 16-17th, now is your chance to join our community of performers!

Program Features:

  • Inclusive Auditions: Whether you’re a seasoned performer or stepping onto the stage for the first time, Encore welcomes adults of all backgrounds and experiences to audition for a chance to be part of our Broadway-inspired production.
  • Community Connection: Experience the joy of collaboration and community as you join fellow enthusiasts in the journey of creating a spectacular musical.
  • Broadway Excellence: Encore is known for delivering outstanding full-length Broadway productions, showcasing the talents and passion of our adult participants.

This Season: Anastasia – The Musical
Get ready for a season of enchantment as Encore takes on “Anastasia – The Musical”! Embrace the thrill of becoming part of this timeless story and contributing to the magic of live theater.

Upcoming Season Details:

  • Audition Dates: February 16-17th
  • Start Date: February 22nd
  • Performance Date: June 3-7th

Join Encore for a season of artistic exploration, friendship, and the joy of bringing Broadway to our community stage!

Musical Theater Pricing


Broadway Sparks (ages 4-6)

Once per season registration fee: $85

Monthly tuition for weekly (1-hour) classes: $60

Costuming Estimate: $150  


Draminis (ages 7-8) 

Once per season registration fee: $85

Monthly tuition (1.5 hour class) $90

Costuming Estimate: $150 per casted character (typical casting 2 roles)


Dramatics (ages 9-11) and Theatricks (ages 11-14)

Once per season registration fee: $85

Monthly tuition (2 hour class) $120

Costuming Estimate: $150 per casted character. Due immediately after casting. 


Bravo (ages 10-18, audition only)

Once per season registration fee: $85

Monthly tuition for three hour weekly rehearsal class (Fridays): $160

Costuming Estimate: $150 per casted character. (typical casting 2 roles) Due immediately after casting. 



Encore has a discounted rate available for volunteer hours. Please email for details.


  • Costume fees vary greatly from musical to musical. Average prices for costumes in our 2024 Spring season (Draminis, Dramatics, Theatricks & Bravo) are around $150 each. Students typically casted with 2 costumes needed. 
  • There is a once per season performance fee of $65 (per student) to assist with venue charges and other performance related costs. This is due with the final month of tuition. 

Our teachers make us great!

Miss Katherine

  • Miss Katherine brings forth a contagious sense of joy and positivity to her students. Her uplifting approach fosters a vibrant and enthusiastic atmosphere within the theater community. Miss Katherine has exceptional talent in directing and creating captivating and beautiful dance sequences that enhance the overall quality of CSA productions.
"We love Katherine! She does a fantastic job, my kids love her, and it's always so fun! So thankful for the program." - Ashley Leatham

"Cianna loves all of her teachers, especially Miss Katherine! I'm so happy she gets to work and learn form her again" - Jodie Lyn
Mr. James

Mr. James is amazing with the students and has such a wonderful amount of love for them. His theater instruction and organizational prowess stands out, contributing to a well-structured and efficient learning environment.
Miss Kim

With over 30 years of instructing experience, Mis Kim is a musical director who brings an unparalleled depth of knowledge and expertise in vocal training. Her superior techniques have consistently elevated the vocal abilities of students, contributing to a high standard of musical excellence.

Miss Mikella
  • Miss Mikella is and instructor who builds strong and positive relationships with her students. Her kindness contributes to a sense of community within CSA, enhancing the overall education experience. Her creative and beautiful choreography contribute significantly to the visual appeal of CSA performances.

"All my girls LOVE Miss Mikella!" -Amy Green

"I'm so grateful all of my kids get to know, interact with and learn from Miss Mikella. Their lives are better for it!!!! (And so is mine) - Brooke Ewing
Miss Amber

Miss Amber is incredible at teaching the students at Center Stage Academy. She demonstrates a high level of proficiency in instructing music. Her expertise contributes greatly to the learning experience of CSA students.
Mr. Josh
Mr. Josh is an instructor who possesses remarkable talents for identifying and bringing out special skills in students. His ability to recognize individual strengths contributes significantly to the growth and development of each student.

"When I did one of the summer camps at CSA for the first time, Mr. Josh was the funniest, and he was one of the best. It was really fun having him teach us, and I'm glad he's such an amazing instructor at Center Stage Academy" - Khloe O.
Mrs. Raegan

  • Miss Raegan is a music instructor that excels in forming meaningful connections with her students. Her ability to understand and relate to each individual fosters a positive and supportive learning environment.