Audition Paperwork

YouTube link or link to shared file. Please enter undecided if it has not been selected.
For this seasons' “Seussical The Musical Jr.”, at least two costumes are required for every casted ensemble student. Leads may be only given one character depending on their number of songs, quantity of scenes, and if they are double casted with another student (meaning two Cats or two Hortons). These costume price ranges can be anywhere between $90-$130 each. The average being $120.00 Please mark one of the following preferences. Please note payment plan options are available on the next section. Please select one.
Costuming Payment Plan(Required)
Every season we allow costume payment plans to help our families make the fabulous CSA costumes affordable. Seussical is a big bright and beautiful season for costumes. We are however, offering a 10% discount if you pay in full at the start of the season. This is so we can get a jump start on many of the intricate pieces. Please select one.
Participation Contract(Required)
After casting occurs it is required for students to remain enrolled through the remainder of the season. After casting each student also has a responsibility to memorize their assigned lines, blocking, sining parts & choreography. Should a student drop from musical theater for any reason, post casting, a $250.00 drop fee will be automatically charged to the card on file. The same fee will also be applied if a student does not complete their memorization responsibility and recasting becomes necessary. (Required) I understand
Parent Agreement(Required)
I understand that reading the newsletters and emails from CSA through the season is important for my child’s participation. I agree to read all CSA musical theater communications including joining the remind group for my child’s season.

Dramatics Text “@onefeather” to 81010
Theatricks Text “@thing1-2” to 81010
Bravo Text “@catsinhats” to 810101
Audition Results(Required)
Casting results are normally posted 48-72 hours after auditions. CSA judges pride themselves on casting students based on their demonstrated abilities and unique talents as well as the needs of the show. We are also pleased to offer a no-cut program, meaning that every registered student will be part of the cast. We wish that we could give every student their desired role, but this is not practical and in most cases, not best for the student. Please help us communicate the tremendous opportunity it is to be part of the show’s ensemble. Ensemble cast members are a huge part of each production and have an amazing opportunity to grow in talent, self esteem, and confidence!

By agreeing here, you understand it is inappropriate to bully instructors/judges, make threats against CSA staff or second guess the audition casting results in any way. Should you have any casting questions or concerns it is best to discuss them with an instructor prior to casting.

CSA instructors and judges go out of their way to ensure castings are never based on pressure from parents. Because of this, parents that pressure instructors to give their children bigger parts will always have an opposite effect on casting.

Feedback on auditions are available upon request two weeks after casting.
Season Fees(Required)
At time of registration: Registration fee $85.00
Costume Payments: Begin within 3 days after casting. Total dependent on casting.
Tuition: Tuition is billed at the 1st business day of every month.
Performance Fee: $60 per student one month prior to the musical.
**tickets for the end of season performance are sold separately.