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Firework (This will be played on the piano, this is to just familiarize you with the song)


Auditioner 3:

“Do you ever feel, like a plastic bag…

drifting through the wind… wanting to

start again?”

Auditioner 4: “Do you ever feel, feel so

paper thin. Like a house of cards, One

blow from caving in.”

Auditioner 5: Do you ever feel already

buried deep, Six feet under scream… But

no one seems to hear a thing.

Auditioner 6: Do you know that there’s

still a chance for you, ’Cause there’s a

spark in you

Auditioner 7: You just gotta ignite the

light…. And let it shine….

Bailey: Just own the night… Like the

Fourth of July. ’Cause baby you’re a

firework, Come on show ’em what your

worth- (Bailey trails off realizing that

everyone is watching her).