Please fill out this time sheet at the conclusion of the worked performed each day. There is no set schedule that you must follow, but please follow the guidelines and restrictions below. 

Items you may include for landscaping are:

  1. Mowing and edging.
  2. Weeding.
  3. Gardening (including weeding and watering).
  4. Any special projects or assignments you receive from Grandpa Casselman and Uncle Bradley before any supplies are purchased.

NEW. Please do not exceed 5 hours in a single week unless first cleared by Uncle Bradley. This is combined hours if submitted by more than one person. In other words, Grandpa cannot normally afford to pay more than a total of 5 hours a week for the help.

Payment is $8 per hour for landscaping and $12 per hour for special projects that require trade skills such as remodeling, painting, construction, and repair.